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LURN program 2019

Lund University Respiratory Network meeting (LURN)

The 16th LURN Conference March 21-22, 2019

“Novel Aspects of Inflammation” - Program PDF

Ystad Saltsjöbad Hotel and Spa, www.ysb.se


Thursday March 21th

9.30-10.00 Coffee

10.00-10.10 Welcome and Introduction - Jonas Erjefält (Lund)

Session 1 ”Airway Inflammation: patients and mechanisms”


10.10-10.50 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Jadwiga Wedzicha, London, “Lower airway inflammation and progress of disease”

10.50-11.05 Discussion

11.05-11.45 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Alison Humbles, Cambridge, ”Immunological mechanisms and strategies for targeting the inflammation in asthma and COPD”

11.45-12.00 Discussion

12.00-12.10 TBA based on abstract submission

12.10-12.15 Discussion

12.15-13.15 Lunch

Session 2 “Novel Insights into Allergic Airway Inflammation”


13.15-13.45 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Sejal Saglani, London "Pulmonary immunological functions at birth and in early life - key determinants of the development of asthma?”

13.45-13.55 Discussion

13.55-14.05 TBA based on abstract submission

14.05-14.10 Discussion

14.10-14.30 Vibeke Backer, Copenhagen – Exercise and inflammation

14.30-14.40 Discussion

Session 3 “Poster presentations with coffee”

14.40-15.30 (Coffee 14.40, Poster presenters are by their posters 14.50-15.30)

Session 4 “Chronic Inflammation: New Mechanisms and Tools“


15.30-16.00 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Ramon Farré, Barcelona, “Mechanical stimuli on stem cells: an important factor in lung regeneration and repair”

16.10-16.25 Discussion

16.25-16.35 TBA based on abstract submission

16.35-16.40 Discussion

16.40-17.00 Joakim Dahlin, Stockholm ”Single-cell transcriptomics reveals the origin and heterogeneity of mast cells”

17.00-17.10 Discussion

19.30 Dinner

Friday March 22th

07.00 – 8.30 Breakfast 


Session 5 “Role of Microbial Exposure in Progression of Respiratory Diseases“


8.30-9.10 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Adnan Custovic, London “Interplay between infection and inflammation”

9.10-9.25 Discussion

9.25-9.35 TBA based on abstract submission

9.35-9.40 Discussion

9.40-9.55 TBA based on abstract submission

9.55-10.00 Discussion

10.00-10.30 Coffee (Check out)

Session 6 “Predicting the Future: Biomarkers of Inflammation”


10.30-11.00 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Mona Bafhadel, Oxford “The use of biomarkers for assessment of inflammation and disease activity”

11.00-11.15 Discussion

11.15-11.25 TBA based on abstract submission

11.25-11.30 Discussion

11.30-11.50 Henric Olsson, Mölndahl, “Identification of a respiratory patient subset defined by lung epithelium IL-6 trans-signalling pathway activation”

11.50-12.00 Discussion

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.30 LURN Yearly meeting (Årsmöte)

Session 7 “Evaluation of Inflammation using different Imaging Modalities”


13.30-14.00 HONORARY LURN LECTURE – Sam Bayet, Grenoble, ”Investigating Lung Structure and Function with Synchrotron Light”

14.00-14.15 Discussion

14.15-14.25 TBA based on abstract submission

14.25-14.30 Discussion

14.30-14.40 TBA based on abstract submission

14.40-14.45 Discussion

14.45 Price ceremony and Concluding remarks – Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson (Lund)

Coffee and Departure

Thank you and Good Bye!

(It is possible to use the SPA in the afternoon)


Organizing Committee

Ellen Tufvesson, Anna-Karin Larsson-Callerfelt, Cecilia Andersson, Irma Mahmutovic Persson, Lena Uller, Marianne Persson, Leif Bjermer, Jonas Erjefält and Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson

Supported by: AstraZeneca, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Chiesi, Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis, Teva